Saturday, February 06, 2010

Amusing Juxtaposition

[Note: this post has been re-written and slightly expanded.] Real Clear Politics amusingly juxtaposes two opinion columns. Blame the Childish, Ignorant American Public drips with condescending 'tude while Why are Liberals so Condescending? at least attempts dispassionate analysis.

Most conservatives, especially those who live in blue states, have gotten used to their positions being characterized as stupid, unscientific, racist, uncompassionate, sexist, hypocritical, and/or evil. The words have been used so often that they have lost their sting. Liberals who lazily use caricature as a substitute for thought would do well to realize that that approach leads to underestimating one's opponents.

(In case one wonders about the first author's political leanings, other examples of Jacob Weisberg's writings are Obama's Brilliant First Year and Ignore Fox.)

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