Tuesday, April 06, 2010


One of our guinea pigs died the week before Easter. On a visit to treat an infection she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Bubbles was extraordinarily patient. She endured chemotherapy injections and daily doses of prednisone and antibiotics without squirming. We hand-administered liquid foods for several weeks, and she appeared to regain her appetite for solids. On her second visit to Adobe Animal Hospital the doctors were surprised not only that she had survived but was acting livelier.

Alas, it was a false rally. One Friday evening her legs twitched uncontrollably, and she gasped her last before we could arrive at Adobe.

Bubbles was an intelligent guinea pig. She came running to her name and ignored our summons to other animals. She performed simple tricks and seemed to enjoy watching TV with us in the family room, purring her contentment.

Although I'm not sure about the theology, I like to think that she's frolicking in a peaceful meadow munching on her favorite sweet lettuce leaves. We'll miss her.

We held a short service for Bubbles. Her ashes sit on our mantle.

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