Saturday, March 18, 2017

They Deserve a Break Today

On Thursday the person in charge of McDonald's Twitter account seemed to have a brain [freeze]:

Gullible commenters of both the left and right praised and dissed Mickey D's for its impertinent tweet. The Twitter post is obviously a fake or the result of a hack. Large public companies don't risk alienating a good portion of their customers by making political remarks, however strongly some executives might feel toward expressing themselves in such a manner. (They might chance it as individuals, but that would kill a shot at a promotion.)

McDonald’s mostly stays out of politics, declining to comment publicly on administration policies that could affect the restaurant industry, deferring comment to the industry’s trade group.
It's not clear, by the way, that McDonald's management has a monolithic political view. According to the The Center for Media and Democracy [bold added]
" McDonald's political action committee (PAC) spent a total of $1,071,627, including $735,875 to individual candidates, at the federal level in the 2014 election cycle. Of candidate contributions, 55 percent went to Republicans and 45 percent to Democrats.")
McDonald's followed shortly with a claim that it was hacked:

To its credit McDonald's got out in front of the controversy early. It was also lucky that there wasn't more mischief done.

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