Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sandwiches on Children's Day

As happened five years ago, Sandwiches on Sunday (SOS) coincided with Children's Day. The normally empty parking lot was filled with music, booths, and children.

We unloaded the dishes from the cars and parked several blocks away while volunteers carried them in.

Five churches take turns serving a free meal and distributing a take-home bagged lunch at 12 noon every Sunday at the Redwood City community center.

Undeterred by the Children's Day festival, 60 people found their way around the buildings to the back entrance and the picnic table, where we had set out baked chicken, salad, and bread. Though we prepared enough food for 100 people, an hour later it was all gone, packed in containers that diners took home with their bagged lunches.

God loves a cheerful giver, and what adds to the cheer is knowing that people like one's cooking enough to take the leftovers home.

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