Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MA Town Treasurer: "Thank you, Mr. Trump"

Both installments were paid this month. Note: redacting
was a real power trip. I see why bureaucrats like it.
"...for solving my cash-flow issues," said James McAuliffe, Milton treasurer.

Per the WSJ, Homeowners Rush to Prepay 2018 Property-Tax Bills.

This week your humble blogger did a back-of-the-envelope calculation and sent in the second installment of the San Mateo County tax assessment, the deadline of which was April 10, 2018.

I also sent in a healthy payment on 2017 California Estimated Taxes on Form 540-ES; yes, I'll get a State income tax refund that I'll have to report in 2018, but at least I won't be making an April payment to the Franchise Tax Board that will be non-deductible in 2018.

Another back-of-the-envelope calculation showed that we will be itemizing in 2018, but any State income and property taxes paid that exceed the $10,000 cap under the new law are non-deductible, so we should pay them in 2017 if we can.

Like Mr. McAuliffe in Massachusetts, the San Mateo County and the California treasurers should be thanking Mr. Trump for the cash influx, but I somehow doubt that they will.

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