Thursday, December 03, 2009

Barack on the Brink (as a Comic Target)

In July I noted how comedians, like the mainstream media, continued to beat the dead Republican horse while ignoring the live braying donkey in front of them.
The leading comedians are overwhelmingly liberal. David Letterman, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart still choose to joke about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney's miscues but largely ignore the rich lode of material produced daily by this Administration. It will be interesting to see whether the comics and their writers can continue to hold their fire for four years and stifle themselves, to use Archie Bunker's phrase.
We just may be reaching the comedy tipping point. From last night’s Jay Leno monologue:
The Washington Post suggested today that this party-crashing couple may have had a long history of deceiving people. Well, no wonder they fit in at the White House!
The dam is about to break. Once the respect is lost, you never get it back.

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