Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Own Private Marathon

The flight from San Francisco to Honolulu went smoothly. United's triple-7 was quiet and comfortable in "economy plus" ($57 per seat more expensive but worth it if you, um, need more room), and the 5½ hours passed quickly. We had our bags by six, just in time for dinner. We ticked off a few dining possibilities and then did the palm across the forehead.

Of course. Big City Diner, the original funky outlet in Kaimuki (that's on Waialae Avenue in Honolulu, malihinis).

One of us went for the kimchi fried rice (top), and another for the loco moco(bottom), a triglyceride-laden concoction beloved by Island natives. Showing restraint, we passed up dessert.

Thousands of runners, more than half from Japan, are here this weekend for the Honolulu Marathon. On Thursday we started our own marathon / moveable feast at Big City. Looks like we're going to need "economy plus" on the return trip, too.

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