Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Engadget liveblogs the unveiling of the iPad--yes, that's the name of Apple's long-awaited tablet. The features and navigation are similar to the iPhone.

The iPad's 9.7" high-resolution screen makes photos, videos, and web pages look gorgeous. To boomers with failing eyesight and phalangeal dexterity the iPad is a huge improvement over the iPhone and iPod. The virtual QWERTY keyboard lets touch typists input much faster than the two-finger method used on cellphones. The 10-hour battery life is adequate for the vast majority of plane flights. The new e-reader and iBooks store threatens not only traditional dead-tree publishing but also Amazon's Kindle and its competitors. No word on cost yet.

[Update on cost: the price ranges between $499 and $829, depending on memory and whether the pad is equipped to accommodate a data plan. The 3G connection offered by AT&T is $14.99 - $29.99.]

Photos from Engadget.

To generations reared on visions of techno-utopias, no real-world product could possibly have lived up to the tablet hype. So I'd expect the detractors to come out of the woodwork in the next few days.

However, the iPad's got enough cool unique stuff that I might pick one up this summer. Of course, by then my iPhone 3G contract will have expired and I hear that the iPhone 4G might be available.....

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