Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are You Talking to Me?

The WSJ gives tips on how to manage an introvert. First, of course, you have to recognize us them. Here are some identifying characteristics:
Introverts need and want to spend time alone.
Introverts think before they speak.
Introverts seek depth over breadth.
Introverts prefer writing to talking.
Introverts are quiet and reserved.
I’m five out of five—at least that’s what friends tell me--so it’s clear that I’m on the “I” end of the introversion-extraversion scale. Since I first took the Myers-Briggs personality test 20 years ago and became aware of this tendency, I’ve tried to become more sociable and verbally communicative. It will never reach the point where people will mistake me for an extrovert, but I do prefer to hang out with them rather than my fellow introverts at parties and other gatherings. They’re more entertaining, and it’s even kinda fun….as long as they don’t ask me to say anything.

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