Monday, December 30, 2013

In Other Words, Kwitch'er Whining

WSJ tech columnist Farhad Manjoo has two words for tech observers who were disappointed about 2013: grow up.
the touchscreen smartphone (and its cousin the tablet) was a singularly novel, industry-shattering device, and we're unlikely to see anything as groundbreaking in a generation.

The smartphone and the tablet *are* the next big things, and we act like spoiled children when we claim that they somehow aren't enough. Most future advances will simply be improvements or expansions on these basic technologies...
When a sports team wins a couple of championships, some of its fans begin to expect that they will win one every year. The fans have forgotten or perhaps never even knew the amount of effort and expertise required just to perform competently, much less win it all. We often see such lack of perspective in critics who were never creators/doers themselves.

In the New Year may we strive to be more appreciative of the good in the world, rather than dwell upon its imperfections. © 2013 Stephen Yuen

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