Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Silver Linings

Veronica runs the office, drives the van, and organizes
volunteers from 30 churches and synagogues.
It was a pouring rain the likes of which we hadn't seen this winter. Though welcome, the storm had to occur, of course, during the evening when I had to go to various houses and pick up the prepared meals. The Home and Hope dinner was for the families who had temporary shelter at the Lutheran church.

Note to self: umbrellas are useless when a) it's windy, and b) one is using both hands to carry trays of food.

Diane baked four briskets of corned beef, Irene made a salad, and I contributed ice cream, cookies, and a broccoli kugel, all from Costco. A loaf of rye from Sunday went well with the corned beef. The kids asked for seconds, which normally doesn't happen unless dinner is pizza or macaroni and cheese. WTG, Diane.

One of our volunteers brought a chocolate cake and cherry pie. His daughters talked to the other children over dinner, then helped with the dishes. WTG, Rob and Anita.

By 8 o'clock the dishes were put away, and the families had retired to their rooms. We started planning for next month, when we'll do this again, and packed up our containers. The rain had stopped.

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