Monday, June 01, 2015

Sandwiches on Sunday

Four Sundays a year our church serves a hot lunch to whomever shows up at the Redwood City community center. Yesterday was our turn.

The bad news: we were short of cooks due to the overlap with the Arts and Wine Festival (yesterday's post).

The good news: last-minute volunteers made enough hot meals for 80 people. St. Pius Catholic Church prepared 100 bag lunches for people to take home, JetBlue contributed a carton of airline snack boxes, and Lucky Supermarkets donated bags of rolls and bread.

The bad news: only 50 people showed up for lunch.

The good news: the guests came back to the line for second and third helpings and took home everything that they could carry. At lunchtime's end there was only a small box of food to be dropped off at the Catholic Worker house.

We'll do this again on August 30th. We had some anxious moments yesterday, but if the results are the same we'll take it.

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