Friday, August 05, 2016

Corn Dog at the Little Red Wagon

We've always breezed by the drink and fast-food kiosks at Disneyland, but on this trip we made one of them our destination.

The Little Red Wagon, near the entrance to Tomorrowland, is rated 4½ stars on the Yelp 5-star scale. The "best corn dogs," the reviews claimed, so we sampled one à la carte for $6.50 (the meal was a couple of bucks more).

The normal-size hot dog was encased in a huge cornbread almost-loaf and deep-fried. The crust was excellent, but the cornbread was just a tad too dry and salty for my taste. Also, I prefer corn dogs to be more about the hot dog, but this one was dwarfed by the bread.

Having no need for food, I skipped lunch and had a light beer instead. Gotta watch the calories.

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