Tuesday, August 02, 2016


The first time I drove a car at Disneyland was in the 1960's, long before I was eligible for a driver's license. The Autopia vehicles straddled a central rail so they couldn't veer off course, and the brake automatically activated when the foot came off the gas pedal; it was easy, safe, and to young eyes and ears quite realistic. Also, there were few rules: you couldn't overtly bash the car in front, but there was a lot of tapping going on.

50+ years later the cars are fancier, though the fundamental design and technology are the same. However, there are more rules (no hitting the car in front, keep one car length minimum distance), stricter enforcement, and ubiquitous monitoring of behavior. There are more cars, frequent stops, and lots of engines idling. Welcome to the 21st century, kids!

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