Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quick, Cheap, and Not Digestively Upsetting

Nothing is wasted: vinegar is stored in
used Sriracha bottles.
While on an errand in Milpitas, we looked for a Chinese restaurant that was quick, cheap, and not digestively upsetting (hey, we have low standards). Tung Kee Noodle filled the bill.

There are other Tung Kee Noodles and TK Noodles sprinkled about the Bay Area. They all have the same look--white interiors, booths lined up like dominos, and illuminated photos of noodle and rice dishes hung on the walls.

Large floorspaces and locations in suburban malls are consistent with catering to the working-class lunch crowd. The noodle joints must provide good value reliably and keep them coming back.

Your humble blogger likes these places. If the shoe fits....

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