Saturday, July 15, 2017

Seams Puzzling

(WSJ photo)
I will never understand how values are assigned to art or wine or fashion. An example of the latter is the new Raf Simons sweater (pictured) that retails for $487.
The drop-shouldered knits, made in partnership with Woolmark, the Australian company that promotes merino wool, are drapier and softer than Mr. Simons’s previous slightly itchy, stiffer shetland designs.

Drapy and soft, not itchy or stiff---that must explain the price.

The description made me look up what "drop shoulder" (seam is on the upper arm, not the shoulder) means, so there's that.

It sure looks like the sweater doesn't go all the way down to the waist. Is this now a thing?

"I ❤️ NY" is available on $5 T-shirts. If we are to appreciate the expensive merino-wool medium, we should lose the cheap message, IMHO. But that's why I'll never understand fashion.

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