Sunday, September 30, 2018

Compensation and Motivation

Drumsticks, rice, onions, cream of mushroom--et voila!
The fog had burned off by noon, and 70 people were waiting at the gate by the community center garden. It was our turn to host Sandwiches on Sunday (SOS).

We were serving baked chicken and rice today, and most of the cooks had become skilled at preparing crowd-sized dishes; these diners had the benefit of our 15 years of experience at SOS.

A new customer asked when we would be coming back. It will be the last Sunday in November, we said. We're from a small church that signs up to do 4-5 lunches per year; other larger parishes are on a monthly rotation.

He liked our cooking and thanked us. Such compensation isn't necessary but does motivate us to return.

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