Saturday, September 29, 2018

Desultory Visit

Driving to Pike Place Market on a Sunday morning was unwise, especially with thousands of Dallas fans in town for the Cowboys-Seahawks game.

The car couldn't get close to the public garage as pedestrians wandered the streets indiscriminately. We did find the last space in a private lot a block away at double the public rate, and we were happy to get it.

An $8 ham sandwich was good but not great, after which we wandered the market stalls. I watched the vendors throw fish, which was mildly amusing but, IMHO, not enthralling.

The shops did have unique handcrafted items and not much schlock. Nevertheless I resisted the temptation to buy travel souvenirs--they just add to the clutter that our heirs must dispose of.

The mini-doughnuts looked good, so I bought a bag.

After a couple of hours I took a survey. The decision was unanimous; we had had our fill of the market. On to the Space Needle.

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