Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Happened

Billy greeted us at the entrance and gave me a hug that I reciprocated. That’s what decades of separation will do to people who had only a passing acquaintance. By the grace of God we had made it to our 40th reunion, unlike 31 of our less-lucky classmates.

I looked past the lawyers, doctors, landscapers, musicians, homebuilders and priests and saw instead the kids who I played tetherball, diagrammed sentences, and dissected frogs with. Through the gray hair, the wrinkles, and the extra pounds shone the essence of their characters. I missed them more than I knew.

We had parted in haste, eyes focused on the worlds we were about to conquer. Life happened in the meantime, our faces lined by joy, sadness, amusement, and regrets. Now we looked at each other, some for the first time, and smiled.

Billy introduced a commemorative video and made a remark that hinted that his politics had changed 180 degrees since high school. I laughed politely. Who knows what wonders are in store for our 50th reunion?
© 2010 Stephen Yuen

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