Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Steve Unplugged

The highlight of last night's All Things Digital conference was an interview and Q & A session with Steve Jobs. Shown below is the Wall Street Journal's enraptured ("90 minutes of Steve Jobs unplugged, a really bravura performance") Alan Murray. One irony is that the online WSJ uses Flash, which won't play on the iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Steve Jobs is the champion surfer who first identifies which wave to catch, then rides it higher and faster than anyone else. What amazes is that Apple repeats its success over and over in different industries with different products. iPad sales are already phenomenal with two million sold thus far and could well reach 5.5 million by year-end. iPad shipments are likely to outstrip sales of the Macintosh in 2010.

To me the most fascinating segment was Steve Jobs' discussion about television, an industry in which many companies and technologies are jockeying for position. Steve's protestations that Apple TV is simply a "hobby" seems a little strained. Apple's rockstar CEO can't be putting this much thought into television without having something up his sleeve.

Steve Jobs was cheered when he said that he hoped that news organizations would stay in business because of the iPad. He said, "I don't want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers." Ouch.

Hey, Steve, the professional newsgathering organization USA Today called you a "foot."

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