Monday, July 05, 2010

Nothing to Fear

The UK's Committee on Climate Change….believes that the government should step in to keep fuel prices permanently high [bold added], a move that should force drivers to buy something more efficient. (H/T Instapundit)
But why stop with energy?

We know that our number-one health problem is obesity, so let’s “step in to keep [food] prices permanently high” and force fat Americans to consume less for their own good.

Our system of medical insurance conceals the cost to consumers. If we made them pay their own way and/or continue to let the cost of hospitals and prescriptions escalate, that would frighten them into taking better care of themselves.

The rising cost of a college education is a good thing because it makes slackers take their studies more seriously or drop out, freeing classrooms for those who really want to go to school.

Expensive real estate induces the young, the old, and the unemployed to move in with their relatives and rediscover the virtue of large families.

We shouldn’t fear another Great Depression, we should aspire to it.

[Note: the above is an attempt at sarcasm, which I don't do well.]

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