Saturday, July 10, 2010

Admirable Aspiration

I've had bad luck with digital cameras, losing them, dropping them in water, jamming the aperture, etc. Four years ago I bought an inexpensive but reliable--top-rated according to Consumer Reports--Canon A620.  I liked that it had an optical viewfinder, used (four) AA batteries, and withstood being tossed around.  And if misfortune befell it, the financial wound would not have been deep. But unlike its predecessors it continues to plod on. 

The A620 was fine for taking snapshots, but its lack of low-light capability has become a nuisance.  Witness the photo taken from the Beach Park bridge in Foster City. 

I'm now shopping for a camera loaded with features, including light sensitivity. (I will likely upgrade my creaky iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 this year; the i4 will become my point-and-shoot vehicle for most day-to-day uses.)

The purpose of this post, however, is not to bury the old Canon but to praise it.  Too many products in our house, garden, and garage have broken down prematurely.  The Canon was perfect within the bounds of its limitations, which is an admirable aspiration for animate and inanimate objects alike. 

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Jo said...

I have a Canon too, and I love it. It takes wonderful little videos, and the only problem with it is the poor low-light capability. But since I don't use it for that all that much anyway, I don't mind too much.

Keep us posted on your new camera...!