Saturday, February 08, 2014

Texting Discipline

(From the Huffington Post)
My personal rules for texting-while-driving:
  • Never respond to text messages.
  • Wait to glance at texts (or maps) until stopped at a red light.
  • Limit downward gaze to two seconds at most.

    Your humble observer is not without sin in this area, obviously, so he's tolerant of the increasing number of drivers who are a little slow to move when the light turns green.

    Yesterday, however, traffic in the adjacent lanes began whizzing by while the car in front didn't budge. I leaned on the horn and immediately regretted giving in to an angry impulse.

    Your observer had been having a bad day, but that's no excuse. He needs more discipline, and, frankly, a lot of other drivers need it, too. © 2014 Stephen Yuen
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