Monday, February 24, 2014

Waiting for the Big Dog

The problems with wearable computing:
Big and unresolved questions remain about pricing (too high), battery life (too short), utility (too limited), looks (too ugly) and privacy (too scary).
Best Buy fitness rack (
Fitness monitors comprise "nine out of ten" devices sold, and your humble correspondent is part of that crowd.

I went to Best Buy to shop for a replacement for the three-year-old Garmin exercise tracker but didn't see anything that was substantially better, at least for my moderate exercise routine. Like a lot of people I'm waiting for the big dog:
Few have focused on taste and the behavioral insights that are fundamental to the business of selling stuff you wear. That’s why all eyes are on Apple. While it wasn’t first to market with a smartphone or tablet, Apple’s design sense and ability to integrate gadgets, apps and online services set the standard others follow.

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