Friday, February 21, 2014

Remembered Fondly

New Year's 2008: the TV was still truckin'
30 years ago we spent $600 (when that was real money) on a 19-inch Toshiba television set. It had an excellent picture and could accept video and audio inputs from four different sources. Weighing a mere 40 pounds, the TV had convenient handles for portability. I hauled it around along with a VCR when I needed to run a tape for a presentation.

Though long in the tooth, the TV was perfect for our student when he was in San Diego. It wasn't worthwhile to transport it back, however, and was donated to charity.

Its technology is obsolete and the cost was very high by today's standards (see yesterday's post). If we judge the set by the standards of its time, it performed much better and longer than I had a right to expect. Like many other objects (and people!), I wouldn't want to interact with them now but I do remember them fondly. © 2014 Stephen Yuen

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