Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Relief All Around

The new (walls will be decorated)
The collections box that the church had set out at the beginning of summer had been filled with dry and canned foods, and it was time to deliver them to CALL Primrose.

The interior is undergoing an overdue renovation. The 1st-floor office space and 2nd-floor food storage are switching places; volunteers were always running up and down the stairs to fill the bags of food to be distributed to hungry Bay Area residents. Some leaders had talked about building a dumbwaiter, but practical heads prevailed.

Nov 2015: the old desks, now upstairs
In a couple of weeks Peninsula organizations will begin collecting food boxes for Thanksgiving, the busiest time of the year for CALL Primrose.

Yes, it's a bit puzzling how, in the midst of one of the wealthiest areas of the world--and with the prevalence of government and private food programs--that people are still going hungry. But the vast majority of clients are not pulling a fast one over the system, according to CALL Primrose and other charities that I trust.

So we don't waste time judging whether the supplicants are deserving or not and try to help everyone who asks. It's a relief all around.

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