Friday, September 23, 2016

Cheap Date

Diane's finishing touch: gravy for the pot roast.
After a five-month hiatus it was our week to make dinner for the families at Home and Hope. One of the four had two parents; the other three were headed by single mothers with one or two children.

On Tuesday I only had to play chauffeur. The dinner of pot roast, roasted vegetables, Chinese chicken salad, roast potatoes, and homemade blueberry torte was much better than my usual fare at home and, for that matter, many of the restaurants that I frequent.

I had overnight duty, too, and woke up the guests at 6 a.m.
Everyone had gone to work or school by 7:15.
Thursday it was my turn to make the entrée. I slow-cooked a crowd-sized beef finger-meat stew and a large pot of rice. (Finger meat produces a lot of fat, which needs to be skimmed before serving.) Irene chopped the ingredients for a green salad, Jody roasted potatoes, and Judy contributed chocolate chip cookies.

As we were putting the food away (late arrivals often pick up dinner on their own) the last family walked through the door at 9:20 because Robert, 13, plays baseball in the East Bay until 8:45. They finished the leftovers; Angelica said she appreciated everything that H&H does for them, and that she really appreciated home cooking.

Yes, I'm a cheap date. One compliment like that every year keeps me signing up for more.

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