Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Debate of the Century, Until October 9th

Like boxers, they shook hands and came out fighting (ABC image)
Everyone's weighed in on the debate of the century, so I suppose I should, too:

1) Sorry, Donald, but Hillary "won" the debate. She was cooler, more articulate, and better organized.

2) I don't like the finger-wagging and interrupting. I want to hear speakers finish their thoughts. Why can't opponents wait their turn? This goes for the moderator as well, especially the moderator.

3) Dealing with rudeness is a specialized skill that has nothing to do with being a good President. Otherwise stand-up comedians would be the best Presidents.

4) I also don't like addressing the candidates as "Donald" or "Hillary"---preferring Madame Senator, Madame Secretary, or even just plain Mister--but I suppose first-name familiarity is the modern way.

5) The debate didn't change my mind about who to vote for; I suspect not too many people "flipped" or many undecideds finally decided. Whether standard debate metrics apply to these slices of the electorate we won't know until November 8th.

6) Correction to (5) above: it's not who will you vote for, but who will you vote against.

7) The next debate of the century is scheduled for October 9th. Given their ages when they would take office (HC-69, DT-70), we probably should pay attention to the Vice Presidential debate on October 4th (both VP candidates are under 60).

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