Friday, June 08, 2018

Appreciate What You're Seeing

Stephen Curry bellows in triumph; his teammates are
happy but a bit more subdued (Chron photo)
The Golden State Warriors are the 2018 NBA Champions, sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers four games to none on Friday night.

Monday morning quarterbacks are saying they've known this would happen since last year's Finals, but winning it all looked far from certain to this non-expert. Stars Iguodala and Curry missed playoff games with injuries, and the mighty Houston Rockets for a while seemed to have their number in the Western Conference finals.

Kevin Durant repeated as Finals MVP.
At the highest level of any sport a "minor" injury or a family issue or jealousy of a teammate or a problem with a coach is like a grain of sand in the gears of a Porsche. The finely tuned engine easily loses its edge and becomes entirely normal. In other words the Warriors are human beings, and nothing is guaranteed.

Just ask Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, or Hillary Clinton.

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