Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Following OPM

The New York Times confirms the good news that others have been saying for weeks:
The government is expected to announce on Wednesday that three-quarters of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak has already evaporated, dispersed, been captured or otherwise eliminated — and that much of the rest is so diluted that it does not seem to pose much additional risk of harm.
And there won't be future oil to worry about because the static kill procedure used to seal the hole seems to be working.

As is often the case, the people who put real money on the line anticipated these developments a month ago. That's when the stock prices of the three companies that stood to lose the most--BP, Anadarko, and Transocean--stopped their decline.

Unlike the oil-spill stocks, the S&P 500 has traded in a narrow range this year.

Using other people's money is one way to get rich. Following OPM is another.

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