Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Driving Us Crazy

Cartoon from the Mercury News
Below are the top ten driving pet peeves from Mercury-News readers. Their number one irritant was bad merging:
  • Bad merging -- either too slow or too sudden.

  • Road boulders -- slowpokes in the fast lane.

  • Not using turn signals.

  • Tailgating.

  • Using exit lanes as passing lanes.

  • Texting/cell phone use.

  • Flipping cigarette butts out window.

  • Running red lights.

  • Bypassing cars waiting in exit lane and cutting in front of them.

  • Tie: Carpool cheats and bicyclists who ignore stop signs.
  • I agree that sudden or slow merging onto freeways is hazardous, but the danger can be reduced if everyone else leaves the right lane clear.  Drive defensively, as my drivers' ed teacher would say over and over.

    More offensive to me are texting, non-handsfree calling, solo driving in the carpool lane, and gross speeding (15mph over the limit). Conscious flouting of the rules for personal advantage bothers me more than not knowing how to merge properly, and yes, I know, this says something about me.

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