Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dripping Has Stopped

The parts cost $72, less than a remodel.
The drip had begun several months ago. Confronting the likelihood that the bathroom remodel---and new faucets--won't happen for over a year, I replaced the valve stems. I shut off the water, fixed the faucets, and replaced the 30-year-old handles, too.

In our house "short-term" items often become long-term because of inertia or inattention (those are kinder-sounding terms than laziness). We will probably live with our old tub and shower longer than we had hoped, but at least we'll have new handles for the faucet. And the dripping has stopped.

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Mark R @ PurePlumbingService said...

I suggest you prioritize problems like this to prevent a sudden increase on your water bill. Inefficient faucets and tubs can waste so much water and can increase your bill when you least expect it. I suggest you still check the pipes in your tubs in the next days. By the way, you've got nice faucet handles there, Stephen. :)