Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Joy Behar Barely Expurgated

Your humble observer has been watching Jay Leno's final weeks as host of the Tonight Show. His guests, whether A-list or lesser-known celebrities, are people Jay likes, not necessarily those with a high Q score. Some interviews have been unexpectedly interesting or amusing, like this evening's session with Joy Behar who was a comedienne before she hosted the View. Two observations: 1) Joy Behar is hilarious; 2) the networks still censor George Carlin's seven dirty words, but just about any other speech is allowed. Excerpts:
Joy Behar: I was on one of the last planes to get out [from NYC to LA]. I heard that they had 13 inches in Greenwich. Those WASPS haven't seen 13 inches in how long?

Jay Leno: You look good, you've lost some weight.

JB: I've been working out. I get on the it normal to trip on your tits on the treadmill?

JL: Not for either of us [referring to Jay Leno and Charlie Sheen]. No, it's not.

JB: I would not get plastic surgery. I don't believe in plastic surgery. A dermatologist said to me, Joy, don't get plastic surgery because a smile is a natural facelift. I said, I wish my ass had a sense of humor.
More Joy, on Chris Christie, retirement, elder sex, Viagra. "Like putting a flagpole on a condemned building"---an image that can't be unimagined.

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