Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Last Hurrah

The last time I visited Candlestick
(2006) it was called Monster Park
Some of the most significant Bay Area events in the last half-century--two World Series, including the 1989 "earthquake" series between the Giants and A's, five (5) 49ers Super Bowl runs, the Beatles' last concert--occurred at Candlestick Park, which will soon be visited by the wrecker's ball.

I have my share of physically uncomfortable recollections: freezing and windy night baseball games, the 49ers playing to an empty stadium in the pre-Montana 1970's, bathroom facilities that would normally cause a private business to be shut down.

Fans aren't really mourning Candlestick--they are clinging to the memories of great performances that they will never see again. All-time greats Willie Mays, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young, among others, were on hand to celebrate those moments during the final home game at the 'Stick on December 23rd. The 49ers beat the Falcons, 34-24, the last chapter of Candlestick's storied history.

[Update: there's a (slim) chance that the 'Stick will take a curtain call:
If the No. 6 Saints beat the No. 1 Seattle Seahawks on Saturday and the No. 5 49ers beat the No. 2 Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Candlestick Park would host its ninth conference championship game.]

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