Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Air Travel Tips

Dave Barry dispenses advice to "generation text." Here are his comments on air travel:
So you're planning to take an airplane trip. Good for you! Every year, millions of people "take to the skies" for business or pleasure, and statistically only a small percentage of them are killed.

Nevertheless, if this is your first flight, or you haven't flown in a while, or you're simply one of the many stupid people found in airports, you're probably unsure about what to expect. So let's review the basics:

Q. I have an infant or small child. Are there any special preparations I should make for flying?

A. Definitely. Before you leave home, gather together whatever toys, books or games you will need to keep your child occupied. Then remain home, occupying your child, until he or she is a minimum of sixteen years old.

Q. When should I leave for the airport?
A. You should already be at the airport.

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