Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sing on, Sloopy, Sing on

We've said how we admire musicians who "live loop" and thought that the equipment to do so had to be expensive. Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel show how easily loop-singing can be done on an iPad.

Screenshot of Loopy on iTunes
For the price ($3.99) of a fancy coffee the Loopy app can be purchased from iTunes. To those who like the sound of their own voice, they can now double and triple their pleasure.

(BTW, if a self-portrait is called a "selfie", what's singing to yourself in multiple parts on Loopy, a "sloopy"?)

Since Jay Leno retired, I hadn't been watching the Tonight Show or any other late-night show. Jimmy Kimmel is a little too acerbic for my taste, and David Letterman has turned mean (and I don't like to view or listen to bile before retiring). Jimmy Fallon's got music talent that Jay never had, and his comedy has a lighter touch than the competition. Think I'll start tuning in.

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