Monday, February 22, 2016

A Life's Work

The Lombardis (
They've been married 72 years, and Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi, both 95, give advice "about love, life, and staying together" (many of these tips apply to unmarried folk, too.):
1. Just love each other.
2. Compliment each other often.
3. Have a good sex life.
4. Live near family.
5. Limit eating out, eat good food, watch your sugar intake.
6. Never cheat.
7. Never go to bed mad.
8. Be okay with arguing.
9. Respect each other.
10. Keep a nice home.
11. Be good parents.
12. Marry good genes.
13. Be sure that your faith beliefs bring you together and don’t divide you.
14. Take the good with the bad.
Happiness isn't just a matter of luck, a lot of work--and thinking outside oneself--is involved, too.

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