Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pancake Pleasures

Martha Stewart likes them thick, too.
On Pancake Tuesday Time describes The Science Behind Making a Perfect Pancake: [bold added]
a “standing” period of between one and three hours before cooking is vital.,,,It is important to beat the mixture hard, so that gluten forms, for the mixture to then stand to allow the starch to swell and any air bubbles to pop. Unless you do this, the structure of the pancake will be weak and it will be full of holes.
This "curing" tip pertains to the thick pancakes served in America, not to the thinner crepes preferred by Europeans.

Thick, fluffy, light pancakes for breakfast, accompanied by hot coffee, are one of life's pleasures.

Wailana's pancake breakfast--unlimited pancakes including
bacon and eggs--is a good deal at under $9.

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