Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The First Shall Be Old

In 2014 I was moved to the front of the line at HNL by an agent; I was using
a cane, limping badly, and did feel a little guilty about the special treatment.
In Brazil the law requires that businesses and government agencies move those over 60 years old to the front of the line, i.e., they get to cut legally:
To comply, many organizations have set up exclusive service windows, known as “caixas preferenciais” or preferential lines. Walk into any bank, post office or supermarket and you’ll see older customers making a beeline for these dedicated queues. The disabled, pregnant women and moms with young children in tow can use them, too.
1) I would not want to see such a law in the U.S.--we've already got too many laws, not to mention privileged groups;
2) A social norm would be fine: about half the time people in our community let the old, infirm, and/or disabled move ahead in the line;
3) OTOH, many spry over-60's hesitate to own up to their age, so maybe there would not be that many people cutting.

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