Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A Benefit to Everyone

iPhone 5C like the terrorists' (Newsweek photo)
Mark Cuban sides with Apple in its battle with the government. The major issues have been well-publicized over the past two weeks, and there's no need to recount them here.

However, he does raise an issue that I've not heard elsewhere, if the government should prevail: [bold added]
Once the phone is “cracked” by Apple or any device or Operating System developer, whatever is found by the FBI or whatever government agency is involved, is going to be labeled “planted” or false evidence. The defendants lawyer is going to scream as loud as they can that whatever was found was not originated by their client. That Apple, in cahoots with the government agency, modified their software to not only unlock the phone, but to also write to the device everything the government agency needs to gain a conviction. Pictures. Texts. Logs. Files. Videos. All originated and/or imported by the code in order to gain a conviction.
Encryption is a benefit to everyone, even to the government that refuses to acknowledge it.

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