Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maybe the Lines Will Be Shorter

 Santouka, San Jose
Fans of ramen are willing to travel great distances (okay, maybe up to an hour) for a bowl of hot, slurpy goodness, and we're no exception. The restaurants we favor are in Mountain View and San Jose. San Mateo has a couple of small ramen houses that are nearly as good, but there's always a line out the door. (Economists say that when demand exceeds supply, and when prices don't increase, there will be queuing.)

Ramen Dojo, San Mateo
Japanese chains have been eying the Bay Area ramen boom and are coming in full force:
In the first two months of this year, two Japan-based restaurant groups opened Mensho Tokyo and Nojo Ramen Tavern in San Francisco, joining outposts from two other Japanese chains: Men Oh Tokushima Ramen and Ajisen. A fifth, Ippudo, is slated to open a Berkeley location later this year, courtesy of a partnership with Panda Express.
May the tastiest noodles win.

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