Thursday, March 31, 2016

Apple Fritter, San Mateo

The popular bacon maple bar
After the Taco Bell on Norfolk St. closed, I half-expected its building to be torn down, reconfigured to accommodate the upscale tastes of the techies who are flooding into San Mateo.

To our surprise a bakery by the name of Apple Fritter has taken over the site. To our greater surprise, the lines are out the door for an eatery that doesn't cater to the health-conscious and carb averse.

There wasn't a line on a weekday
morning after 9 a.m.
We've been back three times since we discovered Apple Fritter in February. In addition to the pastries, our favorites are the Hippiehash ("Fresh hash browns scrambled w/ black beans, fresh green bells, & topped w/ melted american, sour cream, salsa. Served w/ 2 eggs & choice of toast") and the Sausage Scramble.

I'm having my annual physical in April, so I'll have to refrain from going to Apple Fritter---in other words detox until then. Somehow, though, my doctor always knows....

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