Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Global Warming: Bug or Feature?

Adding to the litany of woes for climate-change alarmists: (bold added] 
the Nature study showed that 80% of Americans live in places that regularly receive better weather than 30 years ago, using those preferences as a baseline. That’s because winters so far have been warming disproportionately than summers, so Americans have gotten to enjoy less cold winter months without—so far—having to experience equally extreme summers.
Global warming has made winters less cold (good), while summers are not that much hotter (not-so-bad). The foolish public, reveling in the warmth. Doesn't it know what's in its best interest?

The result of this survey was predictable based on the public's reaction toward warnings in another important area. After years of hearing that the financial sky was falling (Medicare is insolvent, Social Security is going bankrupt), Americans stopped believing, or perhaps caring, about financial doom. Maybe the government will indeed run out of money (whatever that means) in 20 years, but the majority seems to have decided to let tomorrow take care of itself.

As for sea level rise in eighty (80) years, that's tomorrow's tomorrow.

In most counties (including ours) the weather has become more pleasant (Time graphic)

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