Monday, April 04, 2016

Much Shrug. Very Huh. Amaze. Wow.

Among the new forms of communication, emojis and chat abbreviations don't do much for me. Too many of the symbols and acronyms don't have clear meanings, and communication is slowed, not enhanced, when readers stop to puzzle what the writer intended.

However, one Internet phenomenon that has evoked a positive response in your humble observer is doge. Doge (pronounced dohj) caught on in 2013 when practitioners of this new language decorated photos of shiba inu with short, ungrammatical phrases. It's playful and cute, but doge done well is not superficial.

Who needs to plow through the entire play when one just needs to read this?
What light. So breaks. Such east. Very sun. Wow, Juliet.
What Romeo. Such why. Very rose. Still rose.
Very balcony. Such climb.
Much love. So Propose. Wow, marriage.
Very Tybalt. Much stab. What do?
Such exile. Very Mantua. Much sad.
So, priest? Much sleeping. Wow, tomb.
Such poison. What dagger. Very dead. Wow, end.
And here's hundreds of pages of IRS instructions condensed into doge:
Much make? Send in.

Adding doge to a webpage is easy with Google's Chrome tool.

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