Sunday, October 30, 2016

Counting for a Lot

The Grand Scheduler was kind this year. October 30th was our last Sandwiches on Sunday for 2016, and we would not be due to serve lunch at the Fair Oaks Community Center until 2017. (In most years we would be assigned to Thanksgiving weekend or the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Day---not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Our cooks prepared a lunch of baked chicken and rice, salad, doughnuts, and bread. There were 30 people waiting in line at the opening, and the count eventually grew to 50. We had prepared enough food for 80-100 diners, and there were no leftovers. Lunch-goers helped themselves to second and third helpings and took home the rest in plastic containers that we had saved from restaurants and grocery stores.

For over 13 years our Episcopal parish has been one of five churches on the rotation. (The lead sponsor, St. Pius Catholic Church, makes up bag lunches every week for diners to take home--hence the name Sandwiches on Sunday.) It may not seem like much, but to some members of our community being able to count on a hot meal and a bag lunch every Sunday at noon, rain or shine, counts for a lot.

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