Saturday, October 22, 2016

If You Have to Axle, You Can't Afford It

Brandon S.: home is where the gearbox is (SF Gate pic)
Factually correct, but misleading headline:
South Bay techie says he saved $100k while living in his truck for 16 months.
Even in the current bubble, the rent saved should be around $1,500 per month, not the $6,000+ that the headline implies. What he really said: [bold added]
"The going rate for a one-bedroom studio apartment in South Bay is anywhere from $1,500 up, so a minimum of 16 months x $1,500/month = $24,000 in rent. But since I'm also living more simply, I've avoided having to buy random furniture and home-fixings that I couldn't care less about, and that's much harder to quantify. In total, my investment nest-egg just passed the $100,000 mark a few weeks ago, but where it would be if I hadn't opted for the box truck is hard to nail down."
People who live out of their cars do so by necessity. "Brandon S." does so voluntarily. The fact that he has socked away $6,000 per month indicates a healthy income. He's a Google engineer and 24 years old. And girls....he's still single.

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