Thursday, October 27, 2016

Government in the Dark: A Good Thing?

A vibrant nightlife is a mark of a thriving city and brings in tourists, jobs, the arts, and restaurants. It also creates problems that inconvenience residents. Management of cities-than-never-sleep requires special skills, hence the creation of the positions of Night Mayor in Amsterdam and Night Czar in London.
The night mayor’s job is to breathe life into cities and to create a space for culture to flourish after offices close.
Amsterdam Night Mayor Mirik Milan:
Mr Milan argues that every city larger than 200,000 people would benefit from a night mayor, and that it might help mid-sized cities hold on to young creative people. “People move to the big city because there are more jobs, but also because it’s more fun,” he says. “They are not coming to London for the weather.”
Ed Lee: not a party animal (Examiner photo)
San Francisco is one of the top destination cities in the world, but its nightlife isn't what it used to be. San Franciscans are fond of the current mayor, but nightlife management is probably not in his wheelhouse.

A San Francisco Night Mayor: now that's one government expansion that might draw enthusiastic bipartisan support.

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