Saturday, October 29, 2016

Close to the Breaking Point

Stuck for hours on the streets of San Francisco (SF Gate)
Friday morning's Bay Bridge big-rig crash was in the counter-commute (SF to Oakland) direction, but the transportation system is so easily disruptable that streets and highways quickly gridlocked. Northbound 101 feeds into the blocked eastbound lower deck and backed up for miles, forcing Peninsula commuters to exit early.

San Mateo Hwy 92 crash (SM Daily Journal photo)
Bay Bridge drivers from the East Bay in turn were stymied by the clogged surface streets, with some drivers claiming that it took 45 minutes to traverse one block.

Meanwhile, close to where we live, another big rig crash closed the major East-West artery Highway 92 for three hours.

If you can make ends meet by quitting, retiring or taking a lower paying job closer to home, do it. The aggravation ain't worth it.

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