Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lucky So Far

April, 2004: luckily no one was home
Thirteen years ago a young person's car sped over the sidewalk and front lawn of a nearby corner lot and demolished the side of the house.

After finishing repairs, the homeowner erected a brick and wrought-iron fence around the lawn.

The action may have seemed like excessive insurance against a freak recurrence, but tonight his caution paid off.

As we drove home, three police cars blocked off the two-lane boulevard and detoured all traffic through a residential neighborhood. Another car crash had occurred, but the house was spared.

Since 2004 the City has recognized the hazards of the intersection and installed two crosswalks with flashing lights. The public elementary school and a private pre-school are a block away, and we are lucky that so far no one has been hurt.

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