Friday, June 16, 2017

AppleCare for Watches, not People

Apple Store, Hillsdale Mall, on a Friday afternoon.
While at the gym I knocked the Apple Watch off a shelf onto a tiled floor. The crystal cracked, and the watch wouldn't turn on at all. I made a Genius Bar appointment for today.

Eric, the Genius assigned to my case, said that the repair would cost a $69 "deductible" under my AppleCare plan. I cheerfully proffered a credit card (Apple wouldn't take ApplePay, ironically).

The repaired watch will be shipped home in a week. The transaction took 15 minutes. Easy-peasy.

Note: a young college acquaintance recently likened Obamacare to "AppleCare for people". Sure, except for rising annual premiums and deductibles, disqualification from buying the policy if you either make too much or too little money (copy of your tax return, please), and not being able to go to the doctor/Apple Store of your choice, Obamacare and AppleCare are exactly the same.

My friend is a nice person, and her observation didn't deserve an argument from your humble crank. If only Obamacare were like AppleCare, we would have a lot fewer problems...

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